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Greetings from President

MEIHO is Problem-Solving Maker, Trying Production Innovation based on Designing & Manufacture Technology of Precision Mold Die president photograph

 We, MEIHO, started our business based on our own Mold Die Technology. Since then, we have been actively and proudly expanding our business into many fields, accurately grasping and trying our best to satisfy the needs of all the associated markets so far. For example, based on our own Mold Die Technology, we cover various engineering fields for our different customers such as design and manufacture of precision mold, mass-production of precision molded items, development of our own original molding machines, and establishment of mass production lines designed for Type-Variable & Q'ty-Variable production of precision molded items. We have been proudly committed to these business and production activities as a problem-solving maker in the field of precision mold dies.
 In recent years, we have been devoted to research and development of liquid resin injection molding, which is in great demand in many fields like car industry, electric & electronic, medical & bio industries.
 As the result of our energetic R&D, we have successfully developed an innovative technology, with which injection molding can be performed even with ultra-viscosity of liquid resin. This is just one of the examples of our venture-spirit-based commitment to develop new and innovative technologies and methods.
 Our founder's business policy is "To Keep Our Promise." With this policy in mind, we promise to keep growing as an innovative business that plays an actively contributing role in making the bright and rich future of our whole world.

Katsuhiko Nagamatsu, President

President name

Management Principle・Basic Business Policy

Management Principle
MEIHO Aims to Foster Cheerful & Profound Persons, Make Happy & Rich Households, and Produce Comfortable Local Communities and Country of Japan. Through these commitment, MEIHO Contributes to Worldwide Peace.
MEIHO's Basic Policy on Business Management
  1. MEIHO shall firmly keep the trust relationship with all our customers in terms of product quality, price, delivery term and all other business aspects. MEIHO shall make a satisfactory response to our customers to accurately grasp and satisfy their own needs.
  2. MEIHO shall not satisfy the current status of our business and technology. MEIHO shall be devoted to develop our own unique technology to produce and offer wonderful products of higher value.
  3. MEIHO shall pursue proper profits through beautiful & sound business activities to ensure the happiness of our shareholders and our own employees each. Simultaneously, MEIHO shall contribute to the development of our society and nation through employing people and tax obligation. Thus, MEIHO shall satisfy our social corporate responsibility.
  4. MEIHO shall gather every employee's power of action, creativity, innovation, and imagination together and keep always active in business affairs of any kind, and try our best to develop our business globally.
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