Why has MEIHO become your Choice?

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Why has MEIHO become your Choice?

The Three Advantages of MEIHO 1. Highly Reliable Quality 2. High Production Capability 3. Reduction of your Total Costs

1. Highly Reliable Quality of Precision Mold Dies and Molded Items

Highly Reliable Quality of Precision Mold Dies and Molded Items
Stable Supply of Molded Items based on Highly Reliable Designing & Manufacturing

We proudly manufacture mold dies and mass-produce molded items. This manufacturing and production is based on our over-40-years' designing and manufacturing technology of mold dies and based on our own expertise of precision molding. Our expertise and know-how have been accumulated through over 100 cases of molding tests per year.

Our manufacturing factory is clean and dust-free. Production by Mold Die and Molding Divisions is proudly performed at such clean environment. The quality of the items manufactured are controlled and assured thoroughly by Quality Assurance Section of each division for customers' satisfaction.

2. High Production-Capability

High Production-Capability
Ready to Design & Manufacture Mold Dies of various types and to Mass-Produce Molded Items.

MEIHO's factories have over 100 machining tools in total including metal-machining tools and molding machines. With these facilities, we are ready to satisfy your requests for 1) simultaneous manufacturing of plural mold dies and 2) mass- production of molded items.

Our technical and sales staff, proudly rich with precision mold expertise, are pleased to work for you proposing various useful ideas from production to delivery to satisfy your needs.

3. Cost-Reducing System for Cost-Effective Production

One-Stop, Integrated Support from Mold Dies to Final Molding, leading to Total Cost Reduction.

We are pleased to respond to your request on Plastic Mold Dies, LIM Mold Dies and Press Mold Dies. From Designing / Manufacturing of such mold dies to Mass-Production of Molded Items, we proudly provide you with One-Stop, Integrated Technical Support, customizing your best production system.

Such One-Stop, Integrated Technical Support by MEIHO surely contributes to your total cost reduction. For example, you can save costs at the time of mass production establishment. Also, you can shorten the time needed for mass production.

Cost-Reducing System for Cost-Effective Production
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