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Solutions for Customers

Based on our Rich Experiences and Know-How on Mold Dies, Molding and Automated Machines, we're ready to offer you Best Solutions on Molding Precision Small-Sized Items

As the highly experienced expert in the fields of resins, mold dies and precision small-sized molding, MEIHO is always ready to provide you with best solutions to your technical problems and worries in these fields. Our solutions are all based on our own expertise
accumulated through molding tests and mass production
of molded items as well as our over 40 years' long mold-die designing and manufacturing experiences and technology.

Problems with Mass Production

Problems with Trial Molding

Problems with Molding Machines

Problems with Mass Production

  • We don't know how to do with mold dies and molding before officially starting mass production.

    We proudly provide you with our integrated, professional technical support from Trial Molding/Trial Manufacturing of your product, Designing & Manufacturing of Mold Die (resin/press) to Mass Production of Molded Items. We provide our technical service to leading electronic parts makers, ventures and so many other businesses.

  • We want to prevent molded items from getting out of shape, make our molded items burr-free. We want to control any troubles with molding.

    First, our engineers equipped with rich experiences and expertize in Precision Molding technically analyze causes of your troubles. Then, in order to solve such troubles, these engineers improve or newly develop mold die structure, improve molding conditions and any other things. Our Quality Assurance Division does a lot of work for you such as management on dimensions tendency, etc. MEIHO has proudly got a lot of experiences and achievements so far in helping other companies out of technical problems. For example, we corrected mark collapse, lead-frame distortion, improved burr problems and so many other problems.

  • We want to skip packing assembly process.

    Our technology has already enabled integrated molding of liquid silicone rubber and housing So, the assembly of packing gets already finished at the completion of molding. This leads to cost reduction.
    The housing and the packing are strongly bonded, preventing any trouble (e.g. slide of packing, etc.).

  • We want to make a small amount production of parts used in our molded items.

    Thanks to production line based on compact molding machine(s) we have proudly developed, product materials and No. of arrangement processes get optimized. We can offer you a production system which makes your items, in a small amount, of 1,000pcs/month for example, at a highly reasonable cost.

Problems with Trial Molding

  • We want to test on our own developed resin, ultra-viscosity resin and/or other special resins.

    Our originally developed Compact Molding Machine has already been able to perform a wide range of injection molding using super engineering plastic (whose melting point is 400℃), liquid resin of ultra-low viscosity or other types. This compact molding machine enables injection molding using just 80%-less amount of resin than usual, so your use of this compact molding machine will surely lead to cost reduction of expensive trial molding costs which would otherwise cost you too much.

  • We want to bond silicone to polycarbonate or bond materials of different types.

    Our technology enables the integrated unification of PC or PBT and Liquid Silicone Rubber. Plus, we have been proceeding our own innovative research on bonding of SUS, epoxy and other materials by using various devices such as VUVs or plasma generators.

Problems with Molding Machines

  • We want to set up a compact production line designed for "Type-Variable & Q'ty-Variable Production."

    We are ready to design and make a unique compact line for you by using our own compact molding machine(s). Such compact line of our original design has already been widely used by major car parts makers, electronic parts makers and others so gar.

  • We want to get a molding process into our production line.

    Our originally developed compact molding machine is proud of its compact size.
    Its setting area is just the same as an A-4 paper, and its width is 800mm. So, this compact molding machine will surely help you to design your line freely as you like.

  • We want to improve our molding of precision small-sized items.

    A great number of customers reported to us that they were finally able to get good-quality products from our own compact molding machines, even though they failed to get good-quality products from our rivals' small-sized molding machines.

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