Composite Molding / Molding / Press Machining

Composite Molding / Molding / Press Machining

Using our original Precision Mold Dies and Production Lines, we proudly produce a wide range of precision molded items. They are used for car, electronic, medical and bio industries. Our production is based on an integrated production system from trial manufacturing to mass production.

Highly Reliable Molding Technology Highly Reliable Molding Technology Used as Electronic Parts ・ Medical/Bio Parts ・Car Parts.
  • Electronic Parts
  • Car Parts
  • Medical / Bio Parts
    Cosmetic Items
  • Electronic Parts
  • Car Parts
  • Electronic Parts
  • Car Parts

Injection Molding

  • For Medical Device Parts

    For Medical Device Parts
  • For Cosmetics Container Parts

    For Cosmetics Container Parts
  • For Bacteria Cultivating Vessels

    For Bacteria Cultivating Vessels
  • Micro Chemical Chips

    Micro Chemical Chips
  • Relays

  • Silicone Sheet

    Silicone Sheet
  • Connectors for Optical Communication

    Connectors for Optical Communication
  • LED Plastic Lends

    LED Plastic Lends
  • Switch Parts

    Switch Parts
  • Impact Absorbing Parts

    Impact Absorbing Parts

Composite Molded Items

  • Tactile Sensor

    Tactile Sensor
  • Water-proof Cover

    Water-proof Cover
  • LED Parts

    LED Parts
  • Optical Sensor Parts

    Optical Sensor Parts
  • Connectors for Memory Cards

    Connectors for Memory Cards
  • Connector for Cars

    Connector for Cars

Press Machining

  • Lead-Frame for Connectors

    Lead-Frame for Connectors
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