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MEIHO’s Privacy Policy

MEIHO CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "We") fully recognize the confidentiality and importance of Personal Information on individuals, which we come to obtain in the course of our business activities of any nature, fully respect and observe all the laws, ordinances, obligations, regulations and requirements concerning Personal Information Protection. In order to perfectly establish our corporate system designed for protecting Personal Information, we shall manage, protect and handle any Personal Information confidentially, properly and strictly, as below-mentioned, on the basis of "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" enacted in Japan.

1.Definition on Personal Information and Protection Range

Personal Information shall be defined as any and all information regarding or specifying any individual(s) which we duly collect for or during the performance of our business activities and service(s). In the due course of our business activities and performance of service(s), we come to collect, in any written form, in the form of electronic medium, website or other forms of communication, any Personal Information on an individual such as his/her mailing address, name, telephone number, email address, workplace, birthdate and/or any other types of written information that can specify such individual. The above-mentioned Personal Information shall include any information which can specify any individual when coupled with any other piece of information. Then, we shall strictly protect such all the Personal Information stipulated in the above.

2.Purpose of Using Personal Information

We may use Personal Information for the purpose of executing the following duties:

  • Sales of our products, execution of maintenance, technical lectures and other services.
  • Research and announcement on our products, technology and service(s).
  • Sending our DMs.
  • Announcement on our Seminars, business shows and other business information.
  • Recruiting Activities

When we would like to recruit a new worker and receive applications from candidates, we may use, for a certain scrutinizing purpose, any information regarding such candidates including, but not limited to, their job career, their reasons why they want to work at our company, their qualifications, their annual revenue and others.
Also we use the result of the tests, medical checkups, referring and/or other matters on them for our recruiting purpose.
Within the range of necessity related to Personnel Recruiting Purpose, we may disclose any personal information on such candidates to an entrusted company, after signing up the Consignment & Confidentiality Agreement with such entrusted company which conducts information collection and analysis.

3.Our Method of Collecting Personal Information

We are authorized to collect personal information on individuals including, but not limited to, their name(s), contact information, workplace (school), through written information, electronic media, website and/or other forms of communication. We are authorized to collect such personal information when we receive a request from customers for business/product brochures or applications for lectures, seminars or other types of events and/or in the course of our business activities and service provision.

4.Non-Disclosure to Third Party

We shall never disclose to any third party any part of Personal Information we have obtained without any prior clear consent from the person concerned or except as otherwise specified by law.

5.Management on Personal Information

We shall make our best efforts to keep and protect any Personal Information, which we have obtained from individuals, from illegal or unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, alternation, modification and whatsoever. We also shall take all the safety measures, in a reasonable manner, over such Personal Information. We shall continue to follow and observe all the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and, at the same time, we shall continue to update and improve our domestic regulations and systems on Personal Information Protection in accordance with execution of any new laws and regulations associated with such Personal Information Protection and with any change in social situations regarding such Personal Information Protection.

6.Correction, Deletion or Disclosure on Personal Information

Whenever we receive any request from our customer(s) for correction, deletion or disclosure on Personal Information, we shall make a prompt response to such request by taking our domestically regulated proper procedures.

Contact on Personal Information Protection: General Affairs Section
Head Office of MEIHO Co., Ltd. Phone #: +81-949-26-0006

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